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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wrapped in Memories (Though we Need Bubble Wrap!)

I had planned to post yesterday about our new baby blanket, but the best laid plans never work out!  I ended up in the hospital yesterday and wasn't able to write the post.  So....I'll combine both events to update you on Baby Q.

After yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that Shawn and I should probably think about living in a bubble for the next few weeks!  We make quite a pair right now.  We found out this weekend that Shawn has a severe case of tendonitis in his right ankle, making the use of crutches essential and seriously limiting his mobility.  He saw a specialist yesterday, and will be participating in physical therapy for the next two weeks.  We're hoping that he'll be able to get off of the crutches and at least use a walking boot within the next week or so, but so far, we just have to keep our fingers crossed.
After his appointment yesterday, we ran home to grab a bite to eat before he had to return to work.  I tried to take the dog out when we got here.  One of the neighborhood dogs was loose, and Riley wanted to play.  Unfortunately, I couldn't let go of her leash fast enough, and she ended up pulling me down the hill in our front yard.  I couldn't keep up with her, and ended up face and belly first on the ground.  When I got up, I had dirt in my mouth, a bloody nose, and scrapes and burns on my arms, legs, and face.  (Poor should have seen his face when I walked in the house like that!)  Naturally, I was terrified that I had hurt the baby.  I wasn't feeling any movement, even after trying to drink a Coke, so Shawn called the doctor, who sent us directly to the hospital.
The good news is:  Baby Q is fine!  The nurse said he is "perfectly responsive" to all stimuli, and they were happy with his heart rate.  When I got to Labor & Delivery, they immediately hooked me up to the monitors.  The nurse found Baby Q's heartbeat right away, and I was finally able to calm down.  Because we are 38 weeks along, the on-call doctor wanted to monitor his movements and heart rate for four hours.  So, I was hooked up to the machines for the better part of the afternoon.  I loved hearing his heartbeat (I could listen to that all day!) and it was interesting to watch the print-out of his heart rate and my contraction activity.  The monitor recorded some small contractions, or "disturbances", as the nurse called them, but there was no pattern, so we were finally sent home.
Now that we've calmed down, and I know the baby is okay, I've started to realize how sore the rest of my body is from my fall.  But, again, Baby Q is fine, so I can't complain at all.  But, I'm seriously considering wrapping myself in bubble wrap for the next few weeks...just to be safe!

Wrapping myself in bubble wrap would not be as beautiful, though, as the new blanket we have for Baby Q. I am in love with this blanket!
When we found out we were expecting, and we had told our families, I asked my father's sister, Auntie Darlene, if she would be willing to make Baby Q a quilt.  I wanted to use the material from my wedding gown as some of the patches in the quilt.  Auntie Darlene agreed to make the blanket for us.  It took me awhile to work up the courage to attack my wedding gown with a pair of scissors, but I finally did it!  Abi saw me working on it one day, and asked if we could use her junior bridesmaid material in the blanket, too.  I was so excited that she wanted to use her dress for the baby, too!  So, we cut apart her dress, boxed everything up, and shipped it to Auntie Darlene.
Making the first cut

Shawn offered to help cut the dress, too!

Shawn is enjoying this too much!  Throwing away the inner lining of my wedding gown....

Two weeks ago, a package arrived at my door.  I saw the writing on the address label, and knew right away that it was Baby Q's new quilt.  I was SO excited!  I waited for Shawn to get home, and we opened it together.  As soon as I broke the seal on the box and moved the tissue paper, I burst into tears.  This is the most beautiful blanket I have ever seen!  (I couldn't even call Auntie Darlene right away to thank her...every time I started to dial her number, I started crying all over again!  I didn't want her to answer her phone to hear me like that!)  This is such a special blanket....not only does it have pieces of the day Shawn and I took our vows, but it was made with love by family.  I am so excited to wrap Baby Q up in this blanket.  Its one he'll be able to keep forever, and maybe even pass down to his children one day.... 

Our gorgeous Baby Quilt!  The white patches are from my gown, and the navy patches are from Abi's gown.  The border is my sash.  You can also see the back (folded over) of soft fleece in Carolina Blue!  I LOVE THIS BLANKET! 

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