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Aubrey's 101 in 1001

I read about the "Day Zero" project last year, and decided I wanted to give it a try!  So, here is a list of the 101 things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days!  This list, in itself, will be a work in progress as I determine what projects I want to complete.

For more information on the Day Zero Project, or for ideas to create your own list, check out the website at

Start Date:  Wednesday, January 18, 2012
End Date:  Wednesday, October 15, 2014

1.  Attend church services in North Carolina to find a church
February 19thBethany United Church of Christ
2.  Join a church in North Carolina
3.  Have Stephen baptized at Plantsville Congregational Church  Done!  Stephen was baptized on March 25, 2012!
4.  Visit a psychic medium
5.  Read, discuss, and understand passages in the Bible

Festivals, Events, and Parties
1.  Plan and throw a Dr. Seuss birthday party for Stephen's first birthday  Done!  We had Stephen's party on June 23, 2012.
2.  Plan and throw a successful surprise party for someone
3.  Attend a wine tasting
4.  Host a wine sampling party

5.  Host a GTKY for our neighbors

1.  Take a Mommy & Me class with Stephen  Done!  As a Mother's Day gift, Shawn signed us up for a swim class at the YMCA!  We spent Saturdays in May in the pool. 
2.  Have professional family photos taken with extended family
 Pictures by Whitney Atwood in Illinois (11/11)

1.  Try one new recipe each month for one year
January:  Pepperoni Pizza Puffs (aka Pizza Muffins)
February:  Chubby Hubby Truffles
March:  Bacon, Ranch & Chicken Mac & Cheese
April:  No Bake Mini Cheesecake Bites
May:  Cool Whip Cookies
JuneRed, White, and Blue Trifle
July:  Turkey Meatloaf Cupcakes
AugustCrack Potatoes
2.  Eat at 5 new restaurants
3.  Try 5 new foods
4.  Take a cooking lesson

5.  Try five new drink recipes

Health & Fitness
1.  Go to the dentist & have all necessary work completed
August, 2012:  Teeth cleaned
2.  Get a physical
3.  Go without eating out for one month
4.  Take a dance class

Hobbies & Skills
1.  Complete one creative project each month for one year (Pinterest is my inspiration!)
February, 2012:  Tie Dye Crayons for Abi's Valentine's (We used heart-shaped pans)
April, 2012:  Shadow Box for Stephen's first memories
May, 2012:  Garbage Disposal Cleaning Cubes (Okay...maybe not extremely creative...) 
June, 2012:  Housewarming Gift for Stephen's babysitter, including this Sparkling Limeade Recipe
July, 2012:  Strawberry Gift Basket for a co-worker
August, 2012:  Towel Bar Jewelry Storage
2.  Complete our Disney scrapbook

1.  Follow our new chore list for at least two months
2.  Install a Moriavian star light in our entryway
3.  Paint the stairway and upstairs hall
4.  Replace all door handles upstairs
5.  Install curtains in the office and kitchen
6.  Install hooks, buckets, and pins in the laundry room
7.  Buy a new TV stand and coffee table for the living room
8.  Install a fence  Done!  Installation on our new fence was completed on April 27th!
9.  Fix the yard:  New, full grass
10.  Buy a new desk and chair for my office
11.  Buy new bedroom furniture
12.  Organize the kitchen

1.  Put $5 into savings for every goal completed
2.  Put $10 into savings for every goal not completed
3.  Create a savings account with enough money to get us through two months if we didn't have a paycheck
4.  Buy a new car (with more room!)  Done!  We purchased a brand new Honda CR-V on February 25, 2012! 
5.  Pay off all of our credit cards
     1.  Chase Card (3/12)
      2.  First Premier Card (4/12)
      3.  Bank of America Card (4/12)
6.  Donate to 10 new charities
     1.  Leukaemia Foundation  (1/12)
      2.  Fifth Street Ministries (4/12)
     3.  One Sight (4/12)
7.  Donate (again!) to five charities that have personal meaning

Personal Development
1.  Earn my Master's Degree
     Classes completed to date:  EDU 516  (Language Development)
                                                        EDU 506 (Lifespan Development)
                                                        EDU 505 (Research Design & Methodology)
2.  Update the blog at least monthly for at least one year
3.  Visit a museum
4.  Send one hand-written note to someone each month for a year
5.  Prepare a complete disaster-readiness kit
6.  Observe a cochlear implant surgery
7.  Read How Do You Tuck in a Superhero? by Rachel Balducci

8.  Join a book club (online or in person)
9.  Write 'special' letters to my parents, my brother, Shawn, and Stephen
10.  Do something to be featured on someone's blog or website
11.  Complete this list and create another one by October 15, 2014

12.  Buy a meal for a hero

1.  Take a class to figure out how to use our new camera
2.  Take a photography class
3.  Take a class on editing photos
4.  Create a photo book for Stephen's first year
5.  Create a photo book for Abi (age 11)
6.  Create a gallery wall in the office with family photos

1.  Go out (out of the house!!  no kids!!) on a (real!) date with Shawn at least four times in one year.
2.  Watch 26 movies (that we've never seen), one for each letter of the alphabet
A~Anonymous  B~Breaking Dawn (Part One)   C~Change-Up   D~Dangerous Method     E~Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
3.  Go to two sporting events with Shawn

1.  Camp in at least three different campgrounds/parks in North Carolina
2.  Spend a long weekend in Las Vegas (hopefully staying at the MGM!)
3.  Spend a weekend at the beach  Done!  We spent a weekend in Hilton Head, SC.