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Friday, May 27, 2011

Showered With Love, Part 2

Last weekend, Katie, Deeanne, and Abi hosted a North Carolina for Baby Q.  It was a wonderful day, and the girls put a lot of work into making the shower absolutely perfect!  I was so honored to see all of the work they put into it, and to see friends and family, new and old, near and far.

The girls decided to have a themed shower, and the theme was Tree Tops, which matches Baby Q's nusery.  Katie's house looked amazing, and the decorations were incredible!  Katie grew grass in small containers (and let me tell you:  Shawn is jealous!!  Our backyard looks like a mud pit, but the grass for Baby Q was perfect!)  had candles burning in real branches, and used the animals from the nursery to embellish the decorations!  They also had "fireflies in a jar"!

The girls had some entertaining games for the guests to play, too.  When guests first arrived, they were asked to pick a pin.  The pins looked like blue diapers.  When everyone had a pin, guests were asked to look inside.  If there was a "surprise" inside the diaper (mini chocolate chips!) a prize was won! 
We also played a game in which guests had to match a candy bar name to a baby-related term.  For example, "the epidural" was matched with a "Lifesaver", and "Suggestions for Boys Names" were "Mike & Ike".  Guests also had to guess some baby items in bags labeled with "Baby Q".  The girls hid a Bottle, Applesauce, a Bib, a Yellow Duck, and Q-Tips.  We also played a Nursery Rhyme game, in which guests had to fill in the blanks on some familiar (and some not-so-familiar!) nursery rhymes!  Guests had a great time playing, and won some amazing prizes!  Each winner was able to choose a basket.  The baskets included a beach-themed bag (with suntan lotion, a towel, and beach toys), a dinner-themed basket (wtih wine and ingredients to cook dinner), a campfire-themed basket (with ingredients for S'Mores, bug spray, and items for a relaxing evening around the fire) and a Fourth of July basket (with red, white and blue plates, cups, and baking goodies).

Guests were also asked to help Shawn and I name Baby Q.  When they came in, they were asked to write their name suggestions on a leaf, and those leaves were clipped to a small tree in the entryway.  We appreciate all of the suggestions, which included:  Caleb, Parker, Ethan, Scott, Jesse, Ian, Luke, Jacob Ryan, Quinton, Jack, Liam, Junior, Bubba Jerome, and Clarence Bubba.  After the shower, Shawn and Dad came to help us pack up, and the remainder group voted on a name.  If we were to choose from this list of names, our final pick was....(drum roll please) Clarence Bubba!  (Good thing we already have a name picked out, huh?)

The girls had a delicious menu, including taco dip, fruit with dip, veggies with dip, pigs in a blanket, ants on a log, and cupcakes!  The cupcakes also matched the theme of the shower, so we saw our Tree Top friends everywhere!  Guests were able to bring home hobo bags filled with trail mix and S'More pops as favors. 

Baby Q was definately showered with love last weekend!  I want to thank all of  my friends and family for coming to help us celebrate and get ready for the baby.  It was so wonderful to see everyone and spend time with everyone.  I think I can speak for all of the guets when I saw a good time was had by all at this amazing shower.  I appreciate all of the work that Katie, Deeanne and Abi put into planning all of the details!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beary Sweet

By:  Abigail Q

I did something special for me and my new brother.  Before we knew the baby was a boy my dad said that we will make a brother or sister bear as well as a Big Sister bear.  On our way to Build-A-Bear, I was soooo excited to make them.

I really wanted to make a bear for me and my brother.  The reason why is because when he gets oloder he can tell other people "My big sister made this".  I also wanted to make sure that I had a bear to remember that I am a big sister.  He could have fun playing with his bear.

When we got there we had to do a step by step process.  The first thing we did was picked out our bears.  I piecked out a colorful peace sign bear, and a cream colored one for the baby.  Newxt we had to stuff them, and we had to put a heart in it.  Last, we got to dress it in cool clothes.

Our bears look so cool!  The baby's bear has a onesie that sais "baby boy".  It is blue and green with plaid.  My bear is colorful and has shoes that are colorful and sparkly.  She also has peace signs on her and her shoes!

I had a fun time making the bears.  This trip was so cool.  My favorite part of all was when we dressed up the bears.  Dad and I had fun making both bears.

Baby Brother Bear and Big Sister Bear

Abi and her new bear