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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beary Sweet

By:  Abigail Q

I did something special for me and my new brother.  Before we knew the baby was a boy my dad said that we will make a brother or sister bear as well as a Big Sister bear.  On our way to Build-A-Bear, I was soooo excited to make them.

I really wanted to make a bear for me and my brother.  The reason why is because when he gets oloder he can tell other people "My big sister made this".  I also wanted to make sure that I had a bear to remember that I am a big sister.  He could have fun playing with his bear.

When we got there we had to do a step by step process.  The first thing we did was picked out our bears.  I piecked out a colorful peace sign bear, and a cream colored one for the baby.  Newxt we had to stuff them, and we had to put a heart in it.  Last, we got to dress it in cool clothes.

Our bears look so cool!  The baby's bear has a onesie that sais "baby boy".  It is blue and green with plaid.  My bear is colorful and has shoes that are colorful and sparkly.  She also has peace signs on her and her shoes!

I had a fun time making the bears.  This trip was so cool.  My favorite part of all was when we dressed up the bears.  Dad and I had fun making both bears.

Baby Brother Bear and Big Sister Bear

Abi and her new bear

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