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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Question Game

For those of you that were around at the beginning of our relationship, you may have heard stories about "The Question Game".  Shawn and I spent time each day asking and answering questions from The Question Cube (by TableTopics).  We both believe this game is one reason our relationship works!

Needless to say, I loved The Question Game.  So I was very excited to find a survey of pregnancy questions!  I thought I'd share with you:

How far along?: Today, I'm 30 weeks and 5 days.
How big is baby?: Baby Q is the size of a large squash, or the front wheel on an original Big Wheel.
Maternity clothes?: Can't live without them!  (And, I'm wondering if I'll ever want to go back to normal clothes!)  I'm finding them extremely comfortable. 
Movement: Baby Q is definately a mover and shaker!  His movements are getting stronger, and I love to watch my belly move when he does.  I'm excited to start figuring out what's what....when he's moving his arms vs. kicking.
Total weight gain: I'm currently one pound over my pre-pregnancy weight.  I've definately gained weight, but I lost a lot in the first trimester, too, so its almost even.  Though I've read its normal to gain a pound a week from this point forward, so my "even streak" may be over soon!
Sleep?: I could use a lot more of it, to be honest.  I haven't been sleeping well at night, which makes me SO tired during the day.  I know I'll need to get used to functioning with minimal sleep, but I wouldn't mind a little more shut-eye.
Food cravings: I can't get enough fruit lately.  However, with my diet, I'm not allowed much fruit throughout the day, so it makes the cravings even stronger!  I think I could live off of cantelope at this point.
Belly button in or out?: Its still an innie. 
What I'm looking forward to: Katie, Deeanne, and Abi are hosting a baby shower for Baby Q this month, and I'm looking forward to seeing friends and family again.  (Mom and Dad are coming down that weekend, too!)
Best Moment this week: I was very excited when our swing arrived on Friday!  It was a shower gift from my mother, but we couldn't fit it in the car to get it back to NC.  We had to order it online, and it arrived on Friday!  I think Shawn is going to set it up this weekend.
Milestone: Baby Q's brain is starting to show the lines, grooves, and indentations that will allow for future expansion of brain tissue. 
Nursery Progress: I'm so excited that our nursery looks like a baby's room, instead of a room that will "one day be used for baby".  We still have some work to do, but I'm happy with the progress.  Abi is painting three canvas prints to match the decor this week, so I'll be excited to hang those.

Thanks for playing The Question Game with me!
30 weeks!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Showered With Love

Shawn and I headed North this weekend!  We left home on Wednesday evening, and got into Connecticut early on Thursday morning.  We had a wonderful weekend, complete with a baby shower!  My mother threw an amazing baby shower for me and Baby Q on Saturday, April 16th.  I definately felt showered with love from family and friends!
Mom worked hard to plan a shower in a short amount of time.  Our Baby Boy Blue shower was perfect!  Guests enjoyed a delicious spread of sandwiches, salads, jello squares, fruit, and snacks, and a sweet dessert table with cupcakes (Funfetti, of course!) and a cake just for Baby Q!

As guests arrived, Mom asked them to fill out a form with their name, and their guess for Baby Q's birthdate, time, and weight.  The winner of the guessing game will win a Fourth of July basket!  (And, interestingly enough, no one picked Baby Q's due date of July 4th as his actual arrival date!!)

I think I can speak for all of the guests when I say we had a wonderful afternoon.  Baby Q was showered with love (and presents!) from everyone!  This baby is definately going to be spoiled!  I was so grateful that my family and friends came to spend the day with us!  I'll admit; I sometimes get homesick living so far away.  This weekend was a perfect opportunity to see people and get that "touch of home" feeling back!

I just want to thank everyone for their love and support for our family!  And I'd like to say a BIG thank you to my mother, for throwing an amazing shower!  She's going to be the best Nonna ever!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

On the Move: Our New Travel System

Shawn agreed to write another blog post!!  (Okay, to be honest, I kept bugging him until he did, but I'm glad he did!) 

Abi and I went to go pick the stroller up from Mom’s house.  It was too heavy for Mom to put in her trunk and bring over.  Mom’s had it at her house for a few weeks, but we were all excited about getting it here, playing around with it, and even putting one of Abi’s dolls in it to practice pushing a baby!  Besides the nursery furniture, it makes it so much more real that the baby is almost here. 
We got the giant box in the house and found it was relatively simple to put together.  Aubrey was giddy as she watched me put it together; she was too excited to do much, so I ended up putting it all together.  It didn’t  even take her 10 seconds after I was done to start practicing pushing it around the living room.  She even tried to put the cat in it, but that didn’t work out too well for her.  We wanted the animals to have some time to get used to the car seat and stroller before the baby gets here, so we let them explore a bit.  Riley wasn’t too sure of it, but she ended up laying on the ground with her paws on either side of the wheels, preventing Aubrey from moving around anymore!  Riley will have to get used to that pretty soon.
For now, it is set up in the nursery, waiting for Baby Q.

Thanks, Mom, for our travel system!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quick Update

We don't have very much to update on at this time.  I went in for my glucose tolerance test (GTT) last week; I had to drink a "fruit punch drink" and get blood drawn an hour later.  We are still waiting on the results of that test; I should find out on Tuesday.  If I failed the test, I'll have to take a 3-hour test in the near future. 

I also cut apart my wedding gown this week!  No...I wasn't mad at Shawn!  My aunt has agreed to make a baby blanket for Baby Q, and she's going to use pieces of my wedding gown and Abi's junior bridesmaid gown to make some of the patches.  It was bittersweet to take a pair of scissors to the dress; I know it is going to be perfect, but that was my one and only wedding gown!  I took some pictures, but I'm going to wait to post those for a before and after post.  Otherwise, it just looks like I'm destroying a piece of my wedding day!

Shawn has also been taking weekly pictures of my ever-growing bump!  Here I am at 26 weeks.  (Notice how Riley loves to get in these shots as well?)

We're planning to head up to Connecticut in a few weeks, so I'll make sure to post about our visit, including people's reaction to our new bump!  We're very excited to make the trip; it seems like the next few weeks are going to crawl by!