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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Painting the Finishing Touches

I can't believe our nursery is almost complete!  The walls are painted, the furniture is set up, and the clothes have been washed and put away.  We only have two things left to do:  paint canvases to match the theme, and fix the mattress cover.  (Well, and add the baby, but we're working on his schedule, not ours!)

When we told Abi she was going to be a big sister, she asked if she could paint some canvases to hang in the nursery.  I was hesitant, to be honest, because I wanted this room to be PERFECT.  But, Shawn told her she could, and I went along with it.  I found some adorable hooks to use to hang the canvases on Etsy (at the VermontBranchCompany) and ordered those. 

Shawn and Abi started by drawing the Tree Tops scene on the canvases.  Since then, they've been painting the canvases little by little each night.  It has been a challenge to match the colors perfectly, but they've done a great job!

Abi is working hard on the leaves for her canvas art.

Shawn has helped Abi with the painting, especially matching the colors.

The canvases are almost done!
They should finish painting tonight, and then we'll be able to hang these on the nursery wall.  Once that is done, we'll take lots of pictures to show off the finished product!

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