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Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home for Baby Q

We are ready for Baby Q!  (Well, as ready as anyone can be for a newborn!) 

Shawn had the day off yesterday, and we were able to dedicate some time to finishing the nursery.  We were able to hang the canvas paintings that Abi painted, and arrange some of the final details in the room.  So now, the nursery is ready!  While Baby Q will sleep in a cradle in our room for awhile, its so exciting to know his room is ready for him!

You may remember that Shawn and I made our pregnancy announcement around the holidays.  We went to Connecticut, and went to my grandmother's house right away to share our news.  Grandma DiVito surprised us both when she guessed before I could even say anything!  After our hugs and celebrations, she asked if we wanted the cradle for Baby Q.  Shawn and I were so happy to be able to use a family heirloom; the cradle was made by my great-uncle, Uncle Bill, when my aunt was born.  It was used for my aunt, uncle, and mother, and my cousins and I also slept in it.  I feel so honored to have Baby Q use this cradle as well.  Mom and Dad shipped it to North Carolina for us, and we purchased a new mattress and sheets.  The cradle has been set up in our room for a few months, and luckily, the animals have left it alone!  I think it will be a perfect place for Baby Q.

Tigger from Uncle Adam...and can you tell who picked out the blanket?
And now, for a tour of the nursery!  First, I'll start with a sneak peek....Shawn and I have chosen to keep Baby Q's name a secret until he arrives.  But, take a peek at his door, and you can at least get a hint about his name...

First Initial!  We purchased this at Hobby Lobby months ago, and finally hung it yesterday.
I love walking into the nursery.  The color is perfect, the theme is perfect, and everything is perfect!  I must admit, I walk in daily, just to look around.  Sometimes, Shawn comes home from work to find me sitting in the room rocking in our glider, or just staring at everything. 

The view of Baby Q's room from the door.  I love our sun light and how it fits so perfectly with our theme.
 We chose the Leksvik Crib from Ikea.  Since the drop-down cribs are no longer safe, I was worried about finding a crib that I could reach into to pick up Baby Q!  On a girl's trip to Ikea, I found this crib, and knew it would be perfect!  I love, too, that we can remove the rails and turn it into a toddler's bed as Baby Q gets older.  Our Tree Tops rug, blanket, mobile, and sheet set came from our registry at Babies R Us, as did the breathable bumper.  Inside the crib is the Little Brother Teddy Bear that Abi made a few weeks ago.  I received the Rainforest Waterfall Soother as a shower gift, and everyone at the shower raved about its soothing powers!  I can't wait for Baby Q to fall asleep to the music or nature sounds. I also ordered a pillow from sweet*dreams*my*love on Ebay.  She also made our light switch cover, and a sign that will be hung once Baby Q comes home.  (Its personalized!) 

Take a look at Baby Q's closet!  He has some adorable clothes already.  Shawn is convinced I'll be changing his outfit multiple times a day because I have such a hard time picking favorites!  (I am convinced I'll be changing him multiple times a day for messes!)  We hung Newborn and 0-3 month clothes on the left side, and bigger clothes on the right.  In the middle of the closet, we hung our organizer that holds towels, washclothes, blankets, receiving blankets, and burp clothes.  You can also see a purple table in the closet...that was my old night stand.  My grandfather made it for me when I was a young girl, and it has followed me since then.  It started off pink, and since then has been painted at least ten times to match the variety of color schemes I've used in decorating my room.  When Shawn and I moved in together, Abi used the night stand.  Since we redecorated her room, we decided to use the nightstand for Baby Q.  Once he gets a bit older, we'll paint it (again!) and use it in the room.  For now, though, its holding random baby products, like diaper bag fillers and bath items.

On the wall opposite the crib, we've set up Baby Q's bookshelf.  His bookshelf is another piece that our family has had for a long time, and seen a variety of purposes!  My grandfather made it for my parents when I was younger, and we used it as a "chuck box" when we went camping.  It had doors on it at the time, and held our food and paper products.  When I moved to NC, I used it as a bookshelf and entry table.  I'm very excited to have this to use for Baby Q's books.  And look at all of those books!  We've already started reading to him, and we will continue to read to him once he arrives.  I ordered his night light from debgriz59 on Ebay, and the fox matches our theme perfectly!

Abi is very proud that we've hung her canvas paintings above the bookshelf.  She can't wait for her brother to stand up in his crib and look at the paintings.  She and Shawn did a great job, and I'm very happy with the results.

I'm so happy with the result of these paintings!  I think the hooks are perfect, too.
You can also see Baby Q's first piggy bank, or owl bank.  Shawn took me to Unique Designs Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio the week before Mother's Day, and we picked out his bank and painted it together.  We've already started putting extra coins in there, so he'll probably have more money than we do in no time!  Shawn was very excited to find a Disney Exclusive Nursery Mickey, so we've added that.  The frame was a shower gift, and I can't wait to fill it with his professional newborn photos from Two Little Monkeys Photography!  She does amazing work, and I know I'll love all of our pictures.  Baby Q also has plenty of toys to keep him entertained!
In the corner of the room, we've set up Baby Q's changing table.  The diaper stacker, baskets, cushion and cover, and racoon on the shelf are from Babies R Us.  The changing table/dresser combo is also the Leksvik model from Ikea.  Just like the crib, we'll be able to use this for years.  Once Baby Q is potty trained and we no longer need a changing table, we can remove the extension and simply use it as a dresser.  His drawers are already filled with adorable clothes and shoes!  The baskets hold diaper-changing supplies and bibs that match his outfits.  On the shelf above the table (also Leksvik from Ikea) we've put up some frames (from Hobby Lobby), as well as the candle favor from my CT shower and the Stork cake topper.

In the other corner, next to the window, is my glider.  This is the most comfortable glider I've ever sat in!  I know the purpose will be to rock Baby Q to sleep, but I *may* have used it already to rock myself to sleep.  I love the pillow that Mom found for the chair, too.  Its perfect, but makes me tear up every time I read it.

Love this saying......

I think Riley will keep us company while we're rocking....
 I konw this has been a lengthy post, but THANK YOU for hanging in there and looking!  I'm so excited about the nursery, and couldn't wait to share it with everyone!  I can't wait for Baby Q to arrive and enjoy it with me.

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